.Solid engineered floor is divided into solid engineered 3-layer floor, solid engineered multi-layer floor and new type solid engineered floor. Because it is made of different kinds of wood interlaced laminated, it overcomes the shortcomings of the solid floor of one-way isotropy, small shrinkage and wet expansion rate, has better dimensional stability, and retains the natural wood grain and comfortable foot feeling of the solid floor. Solid engineered floor combines the stability of laminated engineered floor and the beauty of solid floor, and has the advantage of environmental protection.

Structural Warranty
TEN Years
Edge Type Surface Texture Finish Type Species Name Recommended Waste Factor Grade
Bevel Brushed, smoked Uv Lacquer Oak 5% ABCD
Top Layer(mm) Core Type Color Radiant Heat Compatible Edge Profile Finish Gloss
3mm/4mm/6mm Pine/Plywood Brown Yes T&G Matt